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Mighty Metro Set

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Mighty Metro Set

Years Released: 1988 1989 1990 1991 (Item Year pages)
Item released for 4 years.

Item: Mighty Metro Set
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1988 1989 1990 1991

1988 1989 1990 1991

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Set Year Details (4)

1988 C.880 Mighty Metro Set 1988
1989 C.880 Mighty Metro Set 1989
1990 C.880 Mighty Metro Set 1990
1991 C.880 Mighty Metro Set 1991

Set Items (2)

MG Metro
Released: 1988 1989 1990 1991
108 or 17 Red
MG Metro
Released: 1988 1989 1990 1991
103 or 23 Blue

Set Year Information

1988 The Austin Rover Metro is well established as a first class multi-purpose travelling machine. The Scalextric version is particularly well suited to racing round this tightly cornered circuit. The models delightfully capture the distinctive character of their full size counterparts and will perform with great gusto. Drivers need to be alert to make the most of their exhilarating acceleration.
1989 Driving the two racing Metros round the fully banked figure 8 circuit is a first class introduction to the art of Scalextric. Too slow and the cars may roll inwards so speed up and they will cling to the track in a magical way. Once you’ve mastered the control you have to set about winning the race. This requires a bit of practice and a more clumsy opponent.
1990 The tough Metros are ideal cars for Scalextric learner drivers. They are compact and frisky and can stand up to rough treatment.
The track circuit is a fully banked figure 8 incorporating an up and over bridge.
The hand throttles are sensitive to finger pressure and driving round at about half speed will enable you to keep your car going steadily and continuously.
To win a race you have to be more ambitious and this is when you learn the knack of the extra squeeze and release of the trigger at just the right moment.
Mains transformer included.
1991 The real life Metro is well on its way to becoming a classic car and it is fitting that it should be featured in this popular Scalextric set.
Like their full size counterparts, the Scalextric Metros are lively and tough. Drivers need a little practice to become accustomed to the fully banked figure 8 circuit. Too fast and you may go over the top - too slow and you will fall off inwards. But once you have mastered the simple trigger control you can enjoy the dramatic acceleration and have really exciting races.
Space required 5‘9” x 2'6” 175 x 80 cms.
Track running length 13'4" 406 cms.

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Catalogue Images (4)

C.880 - Mighty Metro Set - 1988
C.880 Mighty Metro Set - 1988

C.880 - Mighty Metro Set - 1989
C.880 Mighty Metro Set - 1989

C.880 - Mighty Metro Set - 1990
C.880 Mighty Metro Set - 1990

C.880 - Mighty Metro Set - 1991
C.880 Mighty Metro Set - 1991

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