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Grand Prix Set

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Grand Prix Set

Years Released: 1989 1990 1991 (Item Year pages)
Item released for 3 years.

Item: Grand Prix Set
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Category Details: Scalextric sets from all eras.
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1989 1990 1991

1989 1990 1991

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Set Year Details (3)

1989 C.573 Grand Prix Set 1989
1990 C.573 Grand Prix Set 1990
1991 C.573 Grand Prix Set 1991

Set Items (2)

Ferrari 312T - High Tech
Released: 1989 1990 1991
68 Yellow
Brabham BT44B - Auto Mech
Released: 1989 1990 1991
3 White

Set Year Information

1989 Allow a few minutes to set up the track and connect the hand throttles and power pack into the circuit. Place a car in one lane of the track, a gentle squeeze on the trigger of the hand throttle and the action begins. From then on you are in charge and can race against a competitor or just have fun on your own. Scalextric sets are supplied in expanded polystyrene containers which are ideal for permanent storage of the contents.
1990 The Grand Prix cars are fitted with large racing tyres on their rear wheels for good grip and high speed.
Crash barriers are included in the set for positioning at the more ‘dangerous’ parts of the circuit. It is a good idea to drive round a few times and then fit them where you find you most often ‘run out of road’. They clip to the edges of the track sections.
Mains transformer included.
1991 ---With the Grand Prix set you can imagine you are crouched in the cockpit of your racer and in the running to stand on the winner's rostrum and spray champagne over the spectators!
The cars have great big rear tyres for good grip and high speed round the banked figure 8 track. Crash barriers are provided which clip to the edges of track sections wherever you find you are likely to fly off. The rear airfoils on the cars are detachable to avoid breakage in the event of a serious smash.
Space required 5’9” x 2’6” 175 x 80 cms.
Track running length 13’4” 406 cms.

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Catalogue Images (3)

C.573 - Grand Prix Set - 1989
C.573 Grand Prix Set - 1989

C.573 - Grand Prix Set - 1990
C.573 Grand Prix Set - 1990

C.573 - Grand Prix Set - 1991
C.573 Grand Prix Set - 1991

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