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Ford RS Cosworth Set

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Ford RS Cosworth Set

Years Released: 1990 1991 1992 (Item Year pages)
Item released for 3 years.

Item: Ford RS Cosworth Set
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1990 1991 1992

1990 1991 1992

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Set Year Details (3)

1990 C.575 Ford RS Cosworth Set 1990
1991 C.575 Ford RS Cosworth Set 1991
1992 C.575 Ford RS Cosworth Set 1992

Set Items (2)

Ford Sierra Cosworth
Released: 1990 1991 1992
17 Red
Ford Sierra Cosworth
Released: 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994
6 Black

Set Year Information

1990 The remarkable Cosworth powered Sierras are always in the forefront of any rally they enter.
Here they compete with each other so the winner is likely to be the one with the more skillful driver.
The track circuit is particularly testing with its S bends, banking and changeover tracks but there is a liberal supply of crash barriers.
Cars have head and brakelights and MAGNATRACTION.
Mains Transformer included.
1991 Just like the real 'souped up’ Cosworth Sierras, the Scalextric version is a marvel of technical ingenuity beneath the handsomely detailed bodywork. As well as the working headlights there are brakelights, electronically hooked up to the powerful motor, which come on when the car decelerates. A magnet located below the chassis aids track adhesion while the front wheels have independent floating stub axle suspension. The track circuit has two changeover sections and an adjustable 'rough terrain' length to provide plenty of variety for drivers.
Space required 7’6” x 3’3” 228 x 100 cms.
Track running length 15’9” 481 cms.
1992 Mains Power Pack included.
Known throughout the world as a formidable racing saloon, tho Ford RS Cosworth has collected many wins and championship points for numerous racing teams.
Its rating lines have been beautifully captured on those excellent models. Superb detail abounds both internally and externally. Each vehicle is fully equipped with headlights and brakelights which illuminate when decelerating and Magnatraction for superior road holding. A close inspection also reveals that the front wheels incorporate an independent stub axle suspension system.
The track circuit includes two changeover tracks for really hair-raising near misses and an adjustable 'rough terrain' track to test the skill of the would-be rally driver.

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C.575 - Ford RS Cosworth Set - 1990
C.575 Ford RS Cosworth Set - 1990

C.575 - Ford RS Cosworth Set - 1991
C.575 Ford RS Cosworth Set - 1991

C.575 - Ford RS Cosworth Set - 1992
C.575 Ford RS Cosworth Set - 1992

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