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1984 - Ford Sierra

United States

Ford Sierra

Car: Ford Sierra (Overall Item page)
Number: None
Information: Car never issued, although listed in catalogue.
Category: Cars
Category Details: Classic cars from all eras.
Car Category: Rally
Car Category Details: Point to point auto racing over many different terrains.
Make: Ford
Logo: Ford Emblem
Logo Years: Since 1927
Make Details: Ford revolutionised car production by expanding and refining the car assembly line concept in the early 1900’s.
Make Country: United States
Model: Sierra
Model Details: The Sierra was a family car that replaced the Cortina in the Ford range.
Model Production Years: 1982 - 1993
Base Colour: Yellow

Colour Details: Various shades of yellow.
All Colours: Yellow, Red, Grey
Yellow Red Grey
Year: 1984
Catalogue Number: C.334
Year Information: The 2.8 litre engine in this new model from the Ford Stable produces some 150 bhp. Distinctive styling features faithfully reproduced in the Scalextric model include the attractive alloy wheel trims. The red and yellow livery this model sports highlights the Bosch injection system so vital to the engine's performance and creates an eye catching model that will make an excellent addition to any collection.
Motor: ---
Publication Name: ….The Original Fast Mover…. Scalextric by Hornby - Model Motor Racing Catalogue 25th Edition
Publication Type: Catalogue
Publication Edition: 25th Edition
….The Original Fast Mover…. Scalextric by Hornby - Model Motor Racing Catalogue 25th Edition
Logo & Box Design:

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1984 C.334 Ford Sierra 1984

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