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1996 - Le Mans 24 Hour Set

United Kingdom

Le Mans 24 Hour Set

Item: Le Mans 24 Hour Set (Overall Item page)
Information: Le Mans 24 Hour Set with Megasound.
Category: Sets
Category Details: Scalextric sets from all eras.
Year: 1996
Catalogue Number: C.812
Year Information: Contents: Power Base and mains transformer included. MegaSound hand throttles require 2 x Ever Ready LR6 batteries (not supplied). The batteries are required to provide the sound. They are not needed to operate the cars.
This Scalextric Formula One set, which includes the Pole Position Control Centre, recreates the drama of the build-up to a Grand Prix and then the actual race. The Pole Position Centre creates this excitement in two forms -Qualifying mode and Race mode.
1. Select a suitable lane. Either can be used for qualifying limes.
2. Car has 'free' warm up lap.
3. Passing the start line for the second lap starts the timer.
4. When the car passes the finish line for a second time a doppler sound of a car is heard, followed by the lap time being called out to tenths of a second.
5. If a driver fails to travel the circuit in less than 10 seconds 'Failed to qualify' is heard.
6. The fastest car and driver claims 'Pole Position'.
1. Number of lops are selected (20, 40 or 60).
2. To commence a race the start button is pressed, LED's flash and when they become constant that, together with the sound or a horn, is the signal for the race to start.
3. As each car completes a lap a doppler sound effect is heard.
4. As the leader starts the last lap a horn and doppler sound are heard which signals to the driver that they are on the last lap. 5 The first car to complete the designated laps receives a crowd roar with the doppler effect once more plus the respective LED will start to flash symbolising the winners lane.
Publication Name: Scalextric - 37th Edition
Publication Type: Catalogue
Publication Edition: 37th Edition
Scalextric - 37th Edition
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Set Year Details (3)

1994 C.812 Le Mans 24 Hour Set 1994
1995 C.812 Le Mans 24 Hour Set 1995
1996 C.812 Le Mans 24 Hour Set 1996

Set Items (2)

Sauber Mercedes C9
Released: 1994 1995 1996
62 Black
Porsche 962
Released: 1994 1995 1996
24 Red

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