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Super Cats Set

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Super Cats Set

Years Released: 1995 1996 (Item Year pages)
Item released for 2 years. (Item may have been released after 1996)

Item: Super Cats Set
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Category Details: Scalextric sets from all eras.
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1995 1996

1995 1996

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Set Year Details (2)

1995 C.804 Super Cats Set 1995
1996 C.804 Super Cats Set 1996

Set Items (2)

Jaguar XJR9
Released: 1995 1996
6 White
Jaguar XJR9
Released: 1995 1996
22 Black

Set Year Information

1995 CONTENTS: Power Base and mains transformer included.
When they returned to Group C racing the Jaguar XJR9ís stormed to victory. Their reliability and speed stood them in good sted when they took on all-comers and won, bringing home with them even more trophies to add to the number already won by Jaguar over the years.
The figure eight circuit in this set is ideal for the low profile Jaguars and with a little practice the newcomer to Scalextric will soon get to grips with these forgiving cars. The cars which are each fitted with Magnatraction and the Easi-Fit guide blade, are partially decorated, however a high quality decal sheet is included so that the proud new drivers can complete the car liveries themselves.
1996 Contents: Power Base and mains transformer included.
When Group C is mentioned, almost in the same breath the name Jaguar is spoken. Their XJR9's came, saw and conquered. After a long absence from Group C they returned and took on the cream of Endurance racers and won. Now in their Scalextric format you too can experience the thrill and excitement of driving these powerful machines.
The figure eight track incorporates banked curves for truly breath takingly fast racing but special attention must be paid to the careful positioning of the crash barriers and track supports, which should ensure trouble free racing.
Each car is fitted with Magnatraction plus an Easi-Fit guide blade for no nonsense pick-up braid changes. A high quality decal sheet for the cars is also included for that finishing touch.

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C.804 - Super Cats Set - 1995
C.804 Super Cats Set - 1995

C.804 - Super Cats Set - 1996
C.804 Super Cats Set - 1996

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