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Team Cosworth Set

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Team Cosworth Set

Years Released: 1994 1995 (Item Year pages)
Item released for 2 years.

Item: Team Cosworth Set
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1994 1995

1994 1995

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1994 C.814 Team Cosworth Set 1994
1995 C.814 Team Cosworth Set 1995

Set Items (2)

Ford Escort Cosworth
Released: 1994 1995
1 Blue
Ford Escort Cosworth
Released: 1993 1994 1995
2 White

Set Year Information

1994 Contents: Power Base and mains transformer included.
Once again, Ford are at the forefront of International Rallying. Without doubt the clever engineers at Ford and associate companies use their skill to obtain the most from their cars. This is certainly the case with the new Escort RS Cosworth. But what of the engine, the powerhouse of the car? This too is the result of evolution and refinements brought about by many years of development by the team at Cosworth Engineering.
The brightly decorated Escort RS Cosworths in this set are fully equipped with Magnatraction, headlights, tail lights and the Easi-Fit guide blades. They are a challenge to drive and once mastered, unstoppable in the right hands.
The extended figure eight circuit gives an equal chance for both racers to show off their skills and is ideally suited for fast racing, especially if the strategically placed crash barriers are used to ‘keep that tail’ in.
1995 CONTENTS: Power Base and mains transformer included.
With head and tail lights blazing, the Team Ford and Pilot Ford Escort Cosworths career around the large figure eight circuit at maximum speed. The Magnatraction facility fitted under each car certainly helps to keep the cars on the right racing line, but too much speed can end in disaster should the throttle finger not react quickly enough.
Each car is fitted with the Easi-Fit guide blade assembly and the inclusion of the Power Base in the set means that ‘box to racing’ time is cut to the minimum.

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Catalogue Images (2)

C.814 - Team Cosworth Set - 1994
C.814 Team Cosworth Set - 1994

C.814 - Team Cosworth Set - 1995
C.814 Team Cosworth Set - 1995

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