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Batman Leap Set

United Kingdom

Batman Leap Set

Years Released: 1990 1991 (Item Year pages)
Item released for 2 years.

Item: Batman Leap Set
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Category Details: Scalextric sets from all eras.
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1990 1991

1990 1991

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Set Year Details (2)

1990 C.563 Batman Leap Set 1990
1991 C.563 Batman Leap Set 1991

Set Items (2)

Batman - Batmobile
Released: 1990 1991 1992
None Black
Batman - The Jokers Porsche
Released: 1990 1991 1992
None Pink

Set Year Information

1990 The Caped Crusader - Batman once more pits his wits against society's arch enemy, the Joker.
The race is on. Will the Batmobile catch the Joker's Porsche? Will they both be able to jump the flying leap or, as with the Batman Chase set, negotiate the banked curves at each end? The Batman Leap set has a larger circuit and features the 'Flying Leap'. Judge your speed just right and over you go. Ger it wrong and...
For the faint hearted an extra piece of track is included to bridge the gap or, if you are really brave, it can be incorporated into the circuit to make the gap even greater!!!
1991 Batman and The Joker are at it again! They compete with each other racing round the track and across a chasm. The Flying Leap has to be taken at the right speed to avoid a disaster. All equipment to build the leap is included, together with an in-fill track section for those who don’t like jumping.
Space required 8’3” x 4’3” 252 x 130 cms.
Track running length 20’2” 614 cms.

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Catalogue Images (2)

C.563 - Batman Leap Set - 1990
C.563 Batman Leap Set - 1990

C.563 - Batman Leap Set - 1991
C.563 Batman Leap Set - 1991

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