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Blowout Set

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Blowout Set

Years Released: 1984 1986 (Item Year pages)
Item released for 2 years.

Item: Blowout Set
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Category Details: Scalextric sets from all eras.
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1984 1986

1984 1986

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Current: 146 - December 2023
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Set Year Details (2)

1984 C.670 Blowout Set 1984
1986 C.670 Blowout Set 1986

Set Items (2)

MG Metro
Released: 1984 1986
8 Green
MG Metro
Released: 1984 1986
9 Blue

Set Year Information

1984 Blowout is a unique new game from Scalextric packed with fast action thrills and spills. The objective is to send one's opponent spinning out of control by means of a flip up lever in the track. Split second timing is required as it is only effective when the car is directly above the flap, operated too soon an opponent’s car just crashes through without problems. The performance tested Metros in this set are really put through their paces on the high speed layout, which includes banked curves at both ends of the circuit. A really entertaining game with terrific play value, blowout is supplied complete with a transformer only a plug is required.
2 Metro Cars
3 Hand Throttles
1 Starting Straight
3 Straight Track Sections
2 Blowout Track Sections
6 Speed Banking Curves
Crash Barriers
1 Power Unit (for operation from AC mains 220-240V. 50 Hz).
Layout Size 179 cm x 73 cm (5' 11” x 2' 5”)
C.671 Export Version without Power Pack
1986 The Blowout set gives you all the excitement of ordinary Scalextric high speed racing plus the risk of your opponent inflicting a tyre blowout on your car. The two special blowout track sections have small flaps which jump up when the rubber biffer is operated, simulating a severe puncture. The game is to try and knock your opponent off the road while avoiding him doing the same to you. Exact timing and intense concentration are needed.
2 Metro Cars
3 Straights
1 Starting Straight
2 Blowout Straights
6 Banked Curves
Crash Barriers
2 Hand Throttles
Power Pack for operation from AC Mains 220-240 volts 50 Hz

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Catalogue Images (2)

C.670 - Blowout Set - 1984
C.670 Blowout Set - 1984

C.670 - Blowout Set - 1986
C.670 Blowout Set - 1986

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